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Fall 2021 Coaches and Volunteers

Fall 2021 Coaches and Volunteers. Due August 24th

**Due to some unforeseen circumstances our fall draft has been postponed to this Friday.

Please be patient with us as we work to ensure we provide a safe place for all our players.

Coaches will reach out to parents this weekend or early next week with teams and practice schedules. Thank you


Hello new and returning players,

LPGSA is excited to start registering players for Fall 2021 Softball.  This registration session will allow you to complete contact information and sign up for participation. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

Your daughters division will be their age as of January 1st, 2022. (If they are 11 on January 1st, 2022 they will be 12 and under.)

This season we will be collecting payment, $40 per player.  Payment must be made for a player to receive their uniform.

Important Dates:

  • Aug 24th- Coaches Applications due
  • Aug 31st- Player Registration Closes
  • Sept. 18th- Games Begin
  • Oct 30th- Games End
    •  Game Dates and Locations are as follows:
  • September 18th: 6U- Deepwater, 8U- La Porte, 10U- South Houston, 12U, 14/16U-Pasadena
  • September 25th: 6U- South Houston, 8U- Deepwater, 10U- Pasadena, 12U, 14/16U- La Porte
  • Gabby Tournament- October 8-10 @ South Belt
  • October 16th: 6U- La Porte, 8U- Pasadena, 10U- Deepwater, 12U, 14/16U- South Houston
  • Halloween Tournament- October 22-24 @ Deer Park
  • October 30th: 6U- Pasadena, 8U- South Houston, 10U- La Porte, 12U, 14/16U- Deepwater
  • Rain out date being 11/6

Do to our current dynamic environment, these may change.  Please monitor LPGSA website and Facebook page for updates. 

Practice days will depend on your coach. Once we draft players to a team, your daughters coach will reach out to you with times, dates, etc. 

Thank you for choosing, LPGSA!

Co-Op field locations and directions are located in directions under the home tab.

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La Porte Girls Softball Association

LPGSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of our youth through a judiciously supervised athletic competition. This program will endeavor to aid young women's development on their paths to becoming responsible adults. While the program stresses winning and the ability to compete at the highest levels, these are secondary. Among the goals the organization will attempt to achieve are self-esteem, team work, respect for authority, sportsmanship, honesty and fair play, respect for teammates and opponents, the ability to never give up, and leadership. LPGSA will also strive to teach the importance of proper fundamentals combined with smart play that will leave the participants with a firm foundation for the future. It is LPGSA's mission to encourage the positive qualities necessary to achieve happiness and success in today's society.

Jessica Hanson

LaPorte Girls Softball Association

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"We’re prepared, and we’ve done everything we can to prepare for this moment in time.  That’s what confidence is all about."

--Lisa Fernandez, pitcher, Team USA


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